About Us

This image was taken in 1979.

My father takes a lot of pictures and when his children were younger, most of those pictures were taken as 35mm slides. When I was a kid and we all lived together, we used to pull out the projector and watch slides and hear stories about us as kids growing up. Since then I have moved out and started my own family, but I wanted these memories to be preserved. My parents no longer own a working slide projector and it had been years since we have been able to look at the slides my parents took.

When I learned that the university that I attened owned a dedicated slide scanner, I had my mom send me some of my father's slides to suprise him with the digital scans for Father's Day. He loved seeing pictures he hasn't been able to look at for years. I really enjoyed looking at the slides as well and have since purchased my own scanner to facilitate scanning all the slides that my parents have. The best part is that now all of my brothers and sisters have digital copies of all of our images as well. Having them in multiple places allows all of us to enjoy the pictures and also ensures protection from fire or flood or fading with age.

Our machine can also scan negatives and my wife scanned over a thousand of her mom's negatives. Preserving memories and having access to these negatives otherwise stored in a box under a bed has truly been priceless.

Since I spent so much time perfecting the method for scanning my own slides and negatives and had already made the investment in the hardware, I decided to start scanning professionaly to help finance my schooling, and so that others can have their memories preserved as well.