Boxes of 35mm slides, no longer collecting dust in a basement. Each one of these images was digitized, preserving it and allowing it to be easily shared and enjoyed for years to come.

Welcome to ScanMySlides. We are a small business offering professional 35mm slide and negative scanning at an unbeatable price: 25 cents a frame.

Why you should choose ScanMySlides:

  • We have scanned over 100,000 slides and negatives, from customers all over the US.
  • We use professional hardware and software.
  • We offer the best price around and do not use a confusing tiered pricing structure. There is just one price: 25 cents per frame for beautiful 4000dpi scans.
  • We don't have hidden fees for doing things like unpacking your slides from carousels or your negatives from plastic sheets. We operate our business by this principle: If it should be free, it is.